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Over 650 million people do not have proper access to a good water source—that’s 1 in 9 people in the world.  A  United  Nations  publication,  “Safe  Water  as  the  Key  to  Global Health,” states: “No other single intervention is more likely to have a significant impact on global poverty than the provision of safe water.”

Nuru group water and sanitation projects–both at the emergency and long-term levels– have been providing essential aid for many years. In places like Zaria, Kano, Niger and some other states within the country.  Nuru group is rehabilitating/constructing solar powered water wells, hygiene education, and upgrading sanitary facilities. As local water infrastructure  is  developed  through  these  interventions  they  improve  the  ability  of community members to earn livelihoods and work to increase education access for youth, especially girls.

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The Foundation does not accept raw cash donation, however donations can be made through:
  • Bank draft payable to ‘Nuru Foundation’
  • Bank transfers (telegraphic transfers) or direct bank-in to the following bank:
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what you can do

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Our projects for this Foundation will be on:
  • Scholarship
  • Clean Water
  • Woman Education
  • Sexual Assault Effect
  • Drug abuse effect
  • Health Care
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Nuru Foundation appreciates your inclination to support our cause in all the possible ways. However, we do not accept used clothes for health reasons but every other donation is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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We’re on a mission to solve the problems and reinvent charity for a new generation.

Drug Abuse

Peer pressure is one of the most difficult scenarios that has a bad effect in the community we live in. Common patterns emerge within families where at least one individual is addicted to drugs.

Pure Water

Without water to drink, people can’t live. Without water for their crops and livestock, they can’t eat enough or earn a living. If their water isn’t clean, they won’t be healthy.


Health is rooted in everyday life. If children have to walk hours every day to fetch clean water, or become ill because they were never properly immunized, then they are most likely not attending school and bettering themselves


Adequate access to education results in better family health and reduced rates of child malnutrition and mortality, and it gives women access to better work opportunities.


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