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In our community having and maintaining a good healthy life is a big challenge in children and in adults. Studies has proven that these children become healthier adults who work more productively. If you’re arguing against that kind of aid, you’ve got to argue that saving lives doesn’t matter to economic growth, or that saving lives simply doesn’t matter. Health is rooted in everyday life. If children have to walk hours every day to fetch clean water, or become ill because they were never properly immunized, then they are most likely not attending school and bettering themselves. Studies have shown that if a mother dies, then her children are also less likely to survive. If a father is sick or disabled, then he is not able to generate an income and feed his family. At Nuru Foundation, we eliminate barriers to health so that people can focus on what is important to them — learning, providing for their family, building a home and a future, and realizing their true potential.