AWOCAF and NF Visitation to Goron Dutse Prison Kano

(AWOCAF) and (NF) are visiting the people in the Goron Dutse Prison Kano Nigeria as a charity organization to help and provide Them with daily life needs E.g

1) close-up Toothbrushes
2) Bathing Soap
3) Sunlight Detergent
4) women used Materials
5) men used materials
6) Let’s among other things inquire about the inmate who court grant them bail with little fine, which they cant afford to pay. So we can pay that little fine and secure them a freedom

And many more other things who ever wish to contribute with anything or want to donate you can do that to help Carry out this project for more information you can contact us +234 907 300 8163 or +234 806 498 8954